Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I am blogging again and no one can stop me.

No one but me that is. I'm blogging again just so I can bark at empty space.

Here I will post my rantings and ravings and stories and hopes and dreams and overly long sentences. If someone reads this I am terribly sorry. If no one reads this, good.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Salty Post

This is just a sample post

Posts on blogger can be made directly via e-mail, sms, mobile application or using the website itself.
The Salton Sea is pretty friggin low man.
Images are hosted on site but can also  be linked out. It is capable of links like any other software and acts pretty much like editing a word document.

You can edit the html of a page directly with blogger and set schedules  for delayed posting. This could be useful if someone writes a post far ahead of time and sets it to be uploaded at a later date to keep the ball rolling. 


Blogger is google owned and as such is immediately indexed by their search. So mention of certain keywords will make it searchable but we can also set keywords. I won't do that on this post  because people are already visiting this blog, looking for me.


You can seriously do just about anything on blogger. This includes video posting, soundcloud embeds and advanced analytic tools to see who's coming to us and even from where they are coming.